Queries regarding Feb'2019 DL course made available on PadhAI again


  • Today there was a mail from PadhAI team that the DL old course is available for registration. Will there still be a new updated DL course in future as originally told (FDS-> ML -> DL)? Can you please clarify on this?
    If yes, I plan to cover these courses in order hopefully with a chance to participate in competition (which I couldn’t do in FDS due to late registration).

  • Like those registered in FDS, I also got access to old DL course during the COVID break and right now I’m in the middle somewhere and wont’ be able to complete it by July 20th.
    I understand that it has already been communicated that new extension are not being done, but want to check if by any chance some exception is possible.
    An extension will allow me to get through the course. Besides, DL course access has also helped me in participating on the forum discussions and sometime able to resolve queries posted by community members. A extension will be a big help.

Request you to please consider providing an extension for this DL course.


Yes, but in pieces. Not as a whole DL course, atleast for now. That is why we have made available the old DL course on our website itself.
For instance, there could be a specialized course just on Sequence Models or Generative Models or Objection Detection.

The Kaggle competitions for the DL course are still up; anyone can participate in that.
For motivation, you could try to achieve top positions in the test-set leaderboard.

Yes. As I said here:

I’ll make this thread public so it’ll be useful for everyone :slight_smile:

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So, if one has covered substantial portion of the course, there will be extension. Such a Relief :slight_smile: