Query regarding IITM online degree

I just came to know about the three year long online B. Sc. degree in Programming and Data Science being offered by IIT Madras. Contentwise, will that course be more rigorous than that offered by PadhAI ? How does this course differ from that, strictly with respect to content and quality of education ?

PadhAI is not affiliated or related in any way to that IIT online degree.
So we do not know.

Though others can post their feedback if they know any.

Hey I had a similar concern regarding their Online Degree program, i think it’s more about getting official foundational/diploma/degree through IITM with rigorous assessments and tests after and during each course. Which may or may not involve giving tests in person, and has strict fees structure. As far as the knowledge and skills are concerned, i think they’re more or less the same if you’re going for Data Science rather than programming. I’d also be giving their entry level exam for Foundation level when the registration opens anyway regardless of PadhAI courses. Hope it helps you with your query

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This is a new online three degree course being offered from this year by IIT Madras. Anyone has
idea about this course? Had gone through their website and it has all course including the one
what we are learning here (i.e Data Science) and other courses offered by Padhai.

Would like to admit my sister’s son to this degree program. Please excuse, if my posting is not
relevant here.

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