Query related to low variacne

While working on 1st Kaggle contest which is part of Deep Learning course, I observe that below variables having very high variance. But in the given code these are labeled as very low variance variables.

Given Pre-Processing details:

Very low variance:
‘Architecture’(most entries are 64-bit),‘Audio Jack’,‘GPS’,‘Loudspeaker’,‘Network’,‘Network Support’,‘Other Sensors’(28),‘SIM Size’, ‘VoLTE’

My Calculated variance for these variables

Architecture 17556.25

Audio Jack 21153.55555555556

GPS 7284.666666666667

Network 18687.25

Network Support 18687.25

SIM Slot(s) 10086.16

Settings 11553.555555555555

Other Sensors 1202.9097222222224

SIM Size 1700.909722222222

Volte and GPS are having very low variance. can some one please through light on what we need to do. Here even the data is not normalized yet, so how one can proceed.