RE: DL Covid Break Free Access

Hi i am not able to access the videos of foundations od data science after covid break 19 section. It is showing that it will be available only on may 31st

Hi @Dwaraka,
We are unable to carry on with further recordings due to COVID19 restrictions, which is why we have given all the students an access to Deep Learning course till then.
I hope you can understand the situation well.

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Thanks a lot. Understood.

Hi Ishvinder. Two doubts.

  1. Foundations of data science course - does this have any timeline or can we do in our own pace? Also, does this course end with linear regression?

  2. How to access deep learning course? Do we need to pay seperately? Any link is there to enroll?

Thank you

  1. Yes there’s will be a finite time period for which you will be able to access the course content, and the last topic will be Linear Regression, and a build up for our upcoming cource on ML.
  2. After Week 8, there will be a link, on which you can register for Deep Learning for free, and access it for 2 months.

One more doubt. Can you indicate the deadline to complete the Foundations of data science course? Due to personal reasons, I am not in a position to do the course for a month and so need to plan accordingly. Thanks a lot for your time.

It will be 1 year from the date of enrollment

Wow. Thats cool. Thanks a lot man.

Thanks @Ishvinder and @GokulNC for being such a help. After BCP situation and all the associated stress able to focus back on learning. I have originally registered for DL course when it was launched last summer and I have access till end of May. Please suggest if I need to fill in a form to have my access continued beyond May as it appears that I will be intensely helped by having two additional months access.


If you’ve already registered for the course, you need not to do it again :slight_smile:

Thanks @Ishvinder and @GokulNC for your support. I have not registered for 2 month extension, however I continue to have access till end of May. With Covid19, BCP situtation I am running behind and hoping DL course access will continue without being terminated by end of May. Please suggest.


If you’re accessing the course on GUVI, you’ll have a lifelong access.

Thanks @Ishvinder. I have bought the course on Pahdai and I am accessing the course at the link I do not have GUVI access. Is there a procedure to port this to GUVI. If not can the access on Padhai be extended please.

Considering COVID19 situation, we have decided for an extension to the access period for now.

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Till when is the DL course available to those who have filled in the form for free access after week 8 of ‘foundations of data science’ course?
Does the two-months-free access start from the time we fill the form or does it end on a certain date irrespective of when we fill the form?

Yes, it will start from the day you fill the form.

Thanks for the clarification.

Hi, I had two doubts and previous threads were slightly confusing.

  1. How long can I access the DL course that I registered for COVID-19 break through the Data Science Course?
  2. Will there be a new DL course in PadhAI which will be coming up in the future?

Hi @theerthasenan,

  1. You need to complete your progress till week-8, and then fill a form present over there to get the access to DL course.
  2. Yes, upcoming DL course will be different from one published now, We’ll keep you guys updated regarding the curriculum for upcoming courses.