Receipt for datascience foundation course

I have requested for data science foundation course payment receipt for Rs 5900/= I know that technical people in India loose focus on the commercial aspect.

For this I have submitted 1) the proof of payment screen shot from ICICI bank dated 30 Jan 2020.

  1. the completion certificate dated 15/1/ 2021 along with invoice provided during the payment.

It has been over a week time but the receipts are still awaited.

There is a great work happening where it matters to ignite minds technically. But without the awareness of the speed required for attending commercial issues the viability for scalable outcomes becomes a question mark.

Request to kindly share the receipt at the earliest and further pay close attention to expedite receipt release process.

Sent the payments details to accounts along with certificate of completion from

Thank you for the great work happening.


Well wisher

Vinay R Singh

Hi Vinay, I’ve forwarded your request to the team. Will get you updated.

Thanks Ishvinder,

Can I expect any ETA for finally getting the receipt or any form I need to fill to get the receipt which should have been by default generated on receipt of the payment.




pls share all details of payment with them then only you get the receipt quickly otherwise you need to wait for many days.

As you can see in the above communication the screen shot of ICICI bank transaction details along with completion certificate has been provided.