Regarding code for deep learning course

Since when FeedForward Neural Network started our instructor is no longer writing the code and we are shown with the pre -written code.

My point is could you forward me the code which I can refer as many a times a lot part of code gets missed out due to side by side explaining of the code and the scenario in the figure… is my mail-id if you prefer to forward the code on individual basis.

You can find those in class notebooks under download section. Check those out

Sir I am not doing the course on

I have been doing the course on and not presented with such facility.Please if you could forward me the code.

Sir I’m waiting for your reply…

Sir please forward me the code on my mail ID:


They have given instructions to migrate into right. why don’t you do that.

Can you tell me how to migrate from guvi to padhai? Help me. How can I get the coding files? Or how can I merge padhai and guvi.

You can’t migrate from one platform to other.
Refer this thread for download materials: FAQs DL Course