Regarding free DL course confusion

Q1. I just completed my DS foundation course uptil week 8 and registered for ML course of previous year.I just want to clarify what is the exact validity for the ML course for me starting from 2nd June ?
Q2, As i have got this course as a consession in response to covid 19 break so will i get the certificate after its completion?
Thank You!

I think you meant the Deep Learning course.
Q1. The access validity will be 2 months from the time of form submission.
Q2. Yes. You will get a certificate if you’re able to finish within the deadline.

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yes. i meant DL.
thank you for your response :slight_smile:

HI Prem,

You said we will get the certificate if we finish before deadline. What is the definition of finish in this case? Does completing all lectures constitute as finishing the course?

Yes. You will get a certificate if you could complete all the lecture videos.