Regarding Further Study during this CoViD19 break

How can we go ahead in our learning to utilize this time effectively. Please guide us what we can learn further after completing Week-8 syllabus. If possible also provide some exercise we can do to enhance our learning.

You can either go with the DL course, or if you’ve already completed DL course, you can probably start practicing some Pandas, will share a list of few datasets for practice soon. :slight_smile:

Sir will i able to understand DL course. Iam asking this because i thought this is an advance course and i have not completely done with the fundamentals( as data science course is not yet completed). Is syllabus upto week 8 is enough to start with DL.?

Yeah, the DL Course also covers all the necessary basic concepts including maths and programming, wherever you find something difficult, just ask your question on this forum.
If you’re looking for continuing DS course, then better option would be to start with Pandas Book shared in Master Resource List.

Do I need to know machine learning before starting the deep learning course? Is the knowledge gained till 8th week is sufficient to understand the DL course?

Yes DL course is from the very beginning.

Firstly thankyou for the support. I learned the basics of pandas. Now , can you please tell me what next to do.

Now try out things you’ve learnt on some dataset. A few of basic ones you can try out are :

  1. Boston Housing Dataset
  2. IRIS Dataset

Look at some good notebooks and see what others have done on these datasets, then try those things first.
You can look for others’ notebooks on these datasets on platforms like Kaggle.

Sir, Iam not able to find notebook for only pandas. Notebooks that I came across are all mixed up ( like seaborn, matpoltlib etc. ctc. are used in notebook). Will you please provide me the link if you find one.( as i was searching for the past 2 days, i couldn’t find it)

You can refer this one

Sir, I have done all the problems of the github link that you have referred to me. There is only one folder " visualization" which involved matplotlib. So should i start learning matplotlib.? Please guide me what to do next. And thanks a lot for the support.

Good to know that you’re done with it.
You can take this micro course by Kaggle on Seaborn up next. :slight_smile:

Sir, I have a doubt regarding seaborn. As seaborn is build on matplotlib and also when we are using seaborn, we are importing matplotlib. So can we able to grasp concepts of seaborn or we should learn matplotlib so that we have some basic knowlwdge.
I do not have any idea about these libraries, so just for the clarification iam asking this. Please guide me for better learning. :pray:

No, you don’t need to know the other to learn one.
Learning any of these will help you build some foundations on how can we group data for it’s usability in multiple plots.
You can simply continue doing seaborn :slight_smile:

Hi @Ishvinder , were you referring to the course link mentioned below?

Yes, that’s the same DL course.

Thankyou for providing the seaborn course. I have completed the course. If you have any access, please provide me some problems for practice. And is there any update for Data Science course