Regarding GitHubs

Can anyone tell me how to download the materials from GitHub?

Hi @gattadivivek,
You can either clone a repo at your machine, or download a zip from the button shown on the right.

Hi PadhAI Team,

Since we know that everybody recommends to make a profile in GitHub and its well appreciated that you also introduced us to GitHub through your repository, however I am sure many of us are new to GitHub platform and do not understand it. Recommend a small session on GitHub may be introduced in the curriculum as will help us to make profile on GitHub and utilize it for real world problems, will also add value to resumes.


Take a look at for a crash course
and a git basics video :
These videos give a fair idea of what git and github are.
Hope this will be helpful

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do we have a github repostiry for the Data Science course. kindly share the URL.

Refer: FAQs FDS Course