Regarding MS in data science at IIT

Hello people , I’m currently third year EEE student . I was planning pursuing MS in data science in abroad. But looking at current situation , I think this may not be possible . I heard that , MS programs are also provided by IITs.
So, I was interested about knowing more about what all are the procedures , academic requirements (for non CS undergrads)are required in order to pursue MS program in IIT Madras. I genuinely tried searching in interdisciplinary MS program website of IIT Madras but was not able to find anything .
Any help is appreciated . Thank you in advance

You are supposed to write GATE CS exam for this.

Thank you for the reply .
Is there any cut off score or anything like particular score range , or it’s just to clear CS gate for admissions. ?

The cutoff varies every year… please refer some source by searching things up on google.