Regarding restarting the course


Hi All,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

Thanks you for patiently waiting for the next set of lectures. It is unfortunate that we had to pause the course midway due to the COVID19 situation.

We haven’t restarted our offices yet. Given the current situation in Chennai we want to wait till Lockdown 4.0 and then restart from the first week of June. Once we restart it will take us about 3-4 weeks to release the next set of lectures. This includes some time for moving and setting up our studio in a safer zone. Also some of our production team is in hot zones so it will take a while for them to become fully functional.

On the plus side, we have utilised the lockdown to continue preparing the material for the next few lectures. Hence, we are hopeful that we will be able to release more lectures at one go. For example, one plan is to release 3 weeks of content at one go by June end and then another 3 weeks of content 10 days later. From then on, we will return to the weekly schedule of releasing one lecture per week.

Overall, we our hopeful that we will be able to wind up the course by 31st Aug 2020.

Thank you again for waiting patiently so far.



Thanks for the update. Could you then pl. extend the access to the deep learning course till end of June for the benefit of those whose 2 months free access to the DL course ends earlier?


Thank you sir for the update,

As @RV25 said it would be better for the students to have a longer access to the DL-19 course till the commencement of the FDS course. As it is a vast and indepth course. Hope you understand.

Awaiting your input with regards to this appeal

As of now, it’s suggested that you utilize this free time well, and complete DL course within two months, which can easily be done if you dedicate time well.

Great News! Thank you for the update and thanks for extending the DL course as well. It is vast area to cover and understand the topics.

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Thank you for the update Professor .Hope yourself,Prof.Pratush and the entire PadhAI team are safe . Excited to restart the course again .The course till now is in depth and covers a lot of stat concepts as promised .I hope this will continue throughout the course as well .Thank you once again.

Do we get time beyond 31 August to complete the course? From what you’ve mentioned, that is a lot of content to consume in a span of 2 months

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Thanks team for the update,it has been notified that my deep learning course which i registered in 2019 will be end by 31st may 2020.Team ,can you please extend this to last week of June,It would be grateful for me.

It’s extended till Sept’20 for DL students who joined in Feb’2019 batch

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Thanks. These are unusual times and we quite appreciate your constraints.
Production team to take care and stay safe.Keep up the good work.

Hello sir
I hope to keep learning with you and your team.
I wanted to ask you that despite of my subscription to data science course will I be getting a certificate after completing and pursuing the deep learning course?

Yes, if you complete it in 2 months.

Hi Padhai team , based on the recent lock down announcements made by TN government what is the plan or updates from your side related to Foundation of Data science course.

Since most of the ppl on WFH or online it is good time to upload rest of the Data Science content and practice.

What is the plan on uploading remaining Data Science content ?


Yes we’re working on this, and next three weeks of content will possibly be out by end of June, followed by some more in July. Hope you can understand our limitations, we’re trying to do our best for now.


When will the course resume ?

Possibly by end of this month.


It’s been 3 months the course stopped releasing video’'s,This is the best time for us to learn the course,as we don’t have the burden of exams,can we know when the videos are going to be released?

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Hi @Gdkr,
Thanks for being so patient :slight_smile:
We have started the course recording at some pace now, and possibly by end of this week we’ll start releasing upcoming lectures.



It would be very helpful if the code is written whilst being explain rather than being pre-written as in DL-19.

Looking forward to the re-commencement of the FDS course.