Request for a course on Mathematics for ML/DL?


can you please make a course on Foundation course on maths for DL and ML like calculus , trigonometry and other difficult maths concepts.

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Im also interested and then starting with ML will be easy to catch. I have seen announcements on short courses for future. If Padhai team can provide little more detailed plan that would help us to prepare. Im about to finish data science course and currently on dilema to start DL or wait for Padhai courses.

Hi Guys,
Yes this is the plan from our side. We’ll let you know about all the updates regarding this.

Hi Ishvinder,

Thank you for all your assistance. Can you also please send emails to the registered members of this forum or members of previous courses when a new course is announced. It will be very useful as I needn’t keep constantly checking this forum or padhai website. I am very eagerly looking for new math, ML, other new DL courses.

Very grateful to the amazing professors.

Sure, we’ll send mails.