Request for Course Extension

Due to the devastating second wave of covid causing loss of loved ones, I was not able to resume the course.

I know PadhAI team has been very generous in extending the course duration by 6 months, however, I would be extremely grateful if the course validity could be extended by a couple more months.

I had earlier(many months ago) requested for an option of blocking my course for a few months and later continuing but I think that was not feasible.

I would sincerely like to request for validity extension because many of us have been facing precarious situation owing to the covid crisis, especially the ones who have lost family members.

I hope my request is viewed favourably.



Yes, they should extend,

We have extended the deadline until the end of 2021 for everyone. Please contact us if you’re are not seeing the course on your dashboard.


Heartfelt thanks to PadhAI team!!!

Thanks a million to the PadhAI Team for extending the course deadline for everyone till the end of year 2021. Much needed relief as the pandemic has really upset the momentum of learning.