Request to confirm my data science course expiry date

Hi Admin Team,

Request to confirm my data science course expiry date if its extended due to covid reasons.

Hi @jaisree_09,
The course will be accessible for 1 year from date of registration. Please complete it accordingly.

I was about to ask same questions. I wanted to extend the course expiry date. I was not active for past 8 months mainly due to covid. I was surprised for not extending it. I can say for sure, i can’t finish the course with in the expiry date. Minimum 6 months extension would be nice to complete the couse and myself and everyone feel happy about continuting learnig to finish the course. Why PADHAI is not considering extension of the course end date ?

Hi @premdhanraj,
As said above, we do consider requests for extension for genuine reasons. Please try to complete the course within the given timeframe (which is easily possible even if you start today). Or else you can write to us later, we’ll try to support you.

Thank you. I will start from this week and spend consistently 5 to 10 hours per week. This is my original plan when i subscribed for one year course validity to start part time and go slow and steady. But in between so many unexpected happened with pandemic. When nearing expiry date i will write again about my progress and request to extend it, if i din’t complete the course. But i can see everywhere you are mentioning as “we’ll try”. This is not giving a satisfied reply. Anyway i go ahead with my course from this week and write again later

Hi Team,

I kindly appeal to extend my data science course due to this covid crisis. So that it will be grateful for me to complete the course successfully with full knowledge as i wont be in a situation to afford this course again.