Request to extend Deep learning deadline for Feb'2019 students

as per the deadlines for the deep leaning course provided to us,will it be valid till 31st May or will it be i have just started my course and so it will be a task to complete it in 5 days

hello I paid for deep learning course which started in Feb-2019 I am not able to start my course due to other personal commitments. I kindly request you to provide access to the course and allow me to complete the course as early as possible

Hello There,

Hello Sir / Ma’am,

I regret to inform that I, Eklavya Sharma, have not been able to complete my Deep Learning course due to my personal and professional engagements. Please provide extension and access so that i can see the videos / content after 31st May.


Hi Sir,

I have joined Deep Learning Course in 2019. I was moved to new technology in my company. So I kept so much effort to learn the new technology and complete the work. In this process, I did not get time to concentrate and not able to complete the padhai course. I liked your course very much and I have interest to shift into AI. The course is very helpful to me, so could you please kindly extend the course duration, so that I will complete the course.

Thanks in advance.


Please extend the deadline of course further. I have been not able to complete due to some reasons. It would be kind of you to accept our request.

Dear sir

Kindly request you to extend the course content availability beyond 31 /May/2020, Couldnt complete it due to professional commitments ,

I really like the quality of the content and wouldnt want to miss it

Seshadri KR

Hi PadhaiTeam,

I had enrolled for Foundation to Data Science Course, which got abruptly paused due to COVID 19 pandemic. We were instead provided free access to Deep Learning course for 2 months, which I have been pursuing since. I have completed over 65% of the course(up to Convolution network) and really like the content. I am a working IT professional and this course is helping me to learn loads by actually practicing to implement algorithms and building intuitions around them. This course in vast and explains concept in depth, and since I have to manage the course along side my regular job it is taking more time to complete. Hence I request you to kindly extend my access for this course , as I would not like to leave it unfinished.

Please make this content available online till December 31st,also allow to download the content.

hi sir,
can you please extend my course deadline as i could not complete it due to some reason.It would be helpful.

Dear all,

We have extended the access to the DL course for the Feb’2019 batch students for 3 more months.
That is, the course will expire by 1st September 2020.

Please try to complete the course as soon as possible.
All the best. :slight_smile:

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For further queries, write here: Deadline for DL first batch 2018-19