‘request to issue Certificate-DeepLearning Aug 2019‘

‘’’ Hi Admin Team,
I request to issue certificate and mail or upload certificate to portal.i have completed 100% on one fourth platform.
Its kind of little urgent request as i need to submit it to my organisation.
Name:Kumar Nityanand
Email: Kr.nityanand.ind@gmail.com
Course: Deep Learning Aug2019
Mobile:- 8210656794

I have mailed the certificate to your email. Please check.

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Thanks lot Prem. It was of great help and instant help. Looking forward to more learning at One Fourth Lab. Tonnes of Thanks​:bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::blush::blush::blush:

Dear Admin Team,
I am also having the same issue as above.
I have completed 100% course on one fourth platform but no certificate present in “my certificates” section.
My details are as follow -

Name: Vivek Selvaraj
Email: vivicse@gmail.com
Course: Deep Learning Aug2019

Please provide the certificate asap.

Hi Vivek.

You are enrolled to the Deep Learning August-2019 course. Only half of the course contents are in Padhai platform and the rest of the course will be continues on Guvi. There is also an migration instruction lesson at the end of the course. Please complete the course in Guvi and get the certificate.