`RuntimeError: Requested MovieWriter (ffmpeg) not available`


Getting the below-mentioned error wrt the Weight Animation video ( MP Neuron & Perceptron) of the Deep Learning course (GUVI) :

`RuntimeError: Requested MovieWriter (ffmpeg) not available`

Sir, I installed ffmpeg on my system in a couple of ways but nothing seems to work.

I tried installing ffmpeg :

But inspite of all of it I still get the below error :

RuntimeError: Requested MovieWriter (ffmpeg) not available

when I execute the below code :


Please help Sir - as I am stuck on this error since a couple of days & nothing seems to work. Even trie out `StackExchange` but doesn’t help much.

Thank you.

Hi, Did you try setting path for environment variables?
The following thread may help: Matplotlib Animation no MovieWriters Available

Yes Sir, tried that too.

But still getting the same error.

Which OS are you using?

Am on Windows 7 Sir.

Can you try this

Sir, already tried both of them, as mentioned in my initial post.

And, both the `Command prompt` as well as the `Anaconda prompt` confirm that ffmpeg is istalled as seen in the below images :

But still, the problem persists.

Hi, Sorry but i might not be able to help this one as not being a systems expert.
Can you try doing it on colab environment?

Tried that too Sir, but getting same error.

Anyways, thanx a ton Sir, for such incredible support all the while.

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Sir, the code (wt_matrix animation) is working fine.
Had another look at the entire code line by line & figured out that I did not delete some other code that I used for troubleshooting - which was causing the error all the while.

Thank you so very much for all the incredible support through out Sir.

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