Shutdown due to coronavirus

Dear All,

Our office along with our recording equipment has been locked down due to the threat of coronavirus. We will not be able to record videos for upcoming lectures. We will resume the lectures once the threat subsides and our office opens again.

Will keep you posted.



Thanks for info. Be safe, Hygiene. Be Positive.

Thank you for the Info…

Thanks for the info. Stay home, stay safe…

Sir, stay safe. Since everyone is either at home or WFH, will it be possible for you to conduct youtube live doubt clarifying sessions during this time like on weekends so that everyone gets benefited of this situation.


Thank you for the information. Stay Safe.
I hope the situation subsides soon and we regain back to our regime.

All are requested to be safe and stay home sir we will wait for next update.
i request to you if it is possible then please provide some practise material and refernce material that will help us sharpen our skills.

Hi @nishant.barsainyan,
Thanks for considering the situation, by the time we get started with the course once again, you can refer to the shared Master Resources List.

Hi @Ishvinder where can I find this shared Master Resource List?


It’s a timely need. Stay safe.

Sir be safe and keep be secure

ok sir. just wanted to ask one thing. Where should I post the answers of assignments given under “starting with python”. Like I am stuck on that page only because it says prerequisites are not completed

You don’t need to submit those assignments, just make sure that all the bullet points in the left side menu are being tick marked.

Hi Sir @Mitesh_Khapra @PadhAI
Hope you are doing well and safe at home.Considering the current scenario it seems like lock-down will continue till mid May if not May end.Just one humble request from my end, since this is the perfect time to learn and practice,it would be really helpful if your team can share the content (in form of ppt/pdf) along with some audio recording as guidance.It will help to keep the momentum and once the situation gets normalized padhAI team can upload the video. Requesting this as in my experience this is by far the best virtual course available for Data science, and am really looking forward to continue my learning with PadhAI.


I have tried learning from other resources but i didn’t find them good. I request you to please find a way for us as i am sure like me there are many students who are looking forward to your videos.


I agree with the fact, that this situation is something which is totally unpredictable, and the time students have got due to holidays is the best to utilize and learn. I would again re-iterate that it will become difficult for many college students like me to resume with the course by the start of June, as the college exams, assignments, classes, etc. will go in full swing, leaving really no time to focus on skill-development.

Therefore, please resume with the FDS course as soon as possible.


Do you have any update on when you will resume recording videos for the Data Science program?