Solution for Deep Learning Capstone Project

@PadhAI, will you provide solution to the previous course’s(Deep Learning) capstone project. If yes, when?

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Sorry, we don’t provide the solution to the Capstone projects, since the courses are still running.
You can however interact with your peers in the Deep Learning PadhAI Network to understand the various way to solve the problem.


Thanks for clarification.

hey can i have a souce code of capstone project

Please keep trying to solve the problem. :slight_smile:
We will post the solution once most students have completed the DL course.

Just as a tip/help, you can do the following:

For Detection, you can train and use this model:

For Recognition, you can train and use this model (CRNN):

If you find any bugs/errors in that code, you can raise an issue in these repos itself.

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I went through the above crnn model for text recognition, can you please tell me how to save the weights and use this model, like so that I can put new images and see the result.

Hi @ganesh90eee,
Please refer this thread for saving weights

Can you please give me something related to CRNN model , this is generic I guess…I want to save the CRNN model which you gave previously.

Please raise an issue in that repository itself to add support for saving models.

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Thank you , can you please share me few links related to saving cnn models.