Source Code & Other Queries


Joined wonderful course of AI , yesterday, I have following queries:

  1. Where can I find source code being discussed in Lecture.
  2. There’s no way to track where you left, once you logout.
  3. Is there a way to move to Next/Previous Lecture
  4. No way to refer to Notes at course level
  5. Is there a way to Book Mark if we want to come back at specific instance of lecture.
  6. Is there a way to contact instructor apart from weekly meet.

Hi @Asheesh_Mathur,

  1. All the source code will be available in download materials.
  2. The completed items will get a tickmark, and you’ll be able to continue further even after logging out.
  3. Yes you can do so by clicking on bullets on the left side.
  4. If you’ve enrolled for DL course, notes are available but for FDS course they’re yet to be published from our end.
  5. No, this feature is not supported by our LMS.
  6. No, Even the weekly calls will not be possible now, as this is a prerecorded course.

Thanks Ishvinder.

Where;s download material link. I do not see.

All items in a course are already tickmarked.

I do not see bullets on left side. Could you please share screenshot and URL for download material.