Specific Videos are not loading

Some videos at times do not run whereas the others do at the same time.

Ex: week 4 " how to describe qualirative data" is not playing while other videos are playing smoothly.

Please address the issue


We will fix it soon.

Week 1: Why data science is popular today
Week 2: how to design an experiment
Week 4: how to describe qualitative data & summary

Are also not getting loaded.

Please do the needful


Maybe it’s because of traffic. If you’re facing the issues anymore, try refreshing or try after few minutes.

Been trying since last two days…but no joy

Allcother videos are ok so i m sure its not because of traffic.

I don’t think others are having this issue.
Me & @Prem tried the video you listed, it was working perfectly for us.

I’d be great if someone else could confirm the same issue for the same videos.

@guliaf Please also try in Incognito mode or other different browsers.