Starting date of short course on Object Detection

When will be short course on object detection going to starte.

As per the tentative schedule, It will be starting by end of November (+/- 15 days buffer).


That will be very interesting course. looking forward to join it. will we get an email once this course is launched, I thinking sending an email to all who have completed one or other course to all who have completed 1 or other course ,will be very nice.

Yes, we are planning something big this time. everyone will be notified soon.


Happy to know. I have done so many online courses but the 2 i have completed here are unmatched so I really want to do more and more courses from padhAI.


True .Here the courses are really nice .I am waiting for next course to launch.


I am in data science course right now but i am making an object detection model.I can really benefit from this course.Please share the relevant information with us also.

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