Tentative date for next course

Hi , Kindly let me know tentative date for next course release , be it object detection or ML or Linear Algebra.

For OD course, It’s mid December.
For Linear Algebra course, maybe Late January.


I am very keen on OD course. as I am doing lot of work with OD. will wait for this to start.

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Any updates on Next course date?

@Ishvinder , yes I am in real need of OD course :slight_smile: please if we can expedite this one.

Hi Guys,
The OD course is in progress, Will let you know about tentative dates soon. :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,
Update Regarding upcoming courses:
Due to limited bandwidth and remote facilities, we’re not able to record new courses for now.
I guess it will take us a few months to get back to recording new courses.
The tentative timeline (Upper bound) is June 2021 for upcoming courses, including Object Detection course.

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