TesseractError: (2, 'Usage: pytesseract [-l lang] input_file')


I’ve been trying to do text detection using TESSERACT, and am incurring the following error please help me.

TesseractError 2, 'usage: pytesseract -1 lang input-file

Please post your full code here or atleast the detection/recognition related lines.

Also note that using Tessarect will not be accepted as a valid solution for the capstone project.
It does not even require anyone to know deep learning to use Tesseract, and is very simple to use. :slight_smile:
You can however try it out for your own learning purposes.

Hey @GokulNC,

I’m aware that the utilization of tesseract isn’t related with the Capstone Project. I was just trying to get my head around various new untouched territory for the feel of it.

As of the TesseractError i’ve described, its due the the invalid path i’ve assigned it.


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