Types of Data in Data Science

Types of Data in Data Science

Types of Data for Data Learning


  • Nominal: which cannot be expressed in some order
  • Ordinal: ordering of data is done


  • Discrete: Data which can be expressed in integers
  • Continuous: Data which can be expressed in fractions.

Nomainal Data Examples:

Banking: Banking Account Types

Insurance: Types of Insurance

Education: Subjects Taught

HealthCare: X-Ray reports & MR Reports

Ordinal Data Examples:

Banking: Customer Reviews

Insurance: Insurance division based on Platinum plan, Gold or silver plan

Education: Everyday Classes or labs

HealthCare: Hospital ratings

Discrete Data Examples:

Banking: No. of Transactions

Insurance: No. of Insurance Holders

Education: No. of teachers

HealthCare: No. of patients visits in a day

Continuous Data Examples:

Banking: Amount in an account at any time

Insurance: Ratio of insurance users with respect to other insurance type

Education: Grades obtained by students

HealthCare: Blood Glucose reports

If you have understood the Data categories. Please do write some examples in Government, Retails, Sports, Agriculture and Automobiles domain.

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