Unable to Access Course Content

Hi Team,

It’s been couple of days since I raised complaint that I am unable to access course content for data science.

I had paid fee for the course on 8th Feb’2020 successfully and have been able to log in there in my account. However, whenever trying to access course content, it redirects me to home page.

I also raised complaint on mail to you, however no reply received.

Please look into it as early as possible.

email id: shivammalhotra231991@gmail.com

Dear Shivam Malhotra,

We checked your issue. Here are our comments for the same:

  1. We found that your email address used to pay is different from that of what you have mentioned here (shivammalhotra231991@gmail.com). That is, you seem to have paid using shivammalhotra@olx.com
  2. We also found out that the student ID card that you have uploaded is invalid. (It was a HTML file)
    That is, it should be a Image/PDF file of the ID card issued by your university for your full-time education in that college.
  3. Moreover, you seem to be a Working Professional with 3+ yrs of experience, but you have enrolled as a Student. Our discount is aimed towards Full-time students/ Academicians.

Thank you for your reply !

I understand the kind of error that occured in email id updation. However, what is way out of this?

FYI: There was nowhere written at the time of enrollment that student should be full time in college, I am pursuing Executive MBA in Business Analytics, have valid proof of it.

Please use shivammalhotra@olx.com to access the course.

This is not valid email id, pls modify it to shivam.malhotra@olx.com or shivammalhotra231991@gmail.com

I have registered in the name of jvmanims@yahoo.com as professional enrolment.
I have accessed on day 1 after which I am trying to access today.
In the dashboard, I could see this course. However, when I try to access it, I get a popup stating I have not enrolled.
Appreciate your help in this regard.


My bad, I had used different login id.
I am able to access it now.


Response Awaited …

I have changed your email to shivam.malhotra@olx.com. Please check.

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hi sir how did you get the course material i paid 1180 but now my login id is also not working

Please share the email you used for enrollment and also Payment Id which you should’ve received after your payment.

raghavankumar19@gmail.com as riya ghosal, Payment ID: pay_Eg1Wx6Qw87UNIv

i created account what next sir