Unable to connect to local runtime - Google Colab

I am not able to local run time. I am using Windows 10 OS & i executed commands on Aaconda PowerShell Prompt. 
 The below two commands got executed successfully.
pip install jupyter_http_over_ws
jupyter serverextension enable --py jupyter_http_over_ws

While running the below commands . i am getting an error. please help me to resolve that.
**jupyter notebook \**
**  --NotebookApp.allow_origin='https://colab.research.google.com' \**
**  --port=8888 \**
**  --NotebookApp.port_retries=0**
 Attached a screeshot of error

Hi @sivanagendra.paruchu,
Try writing it in a single line like this:

 jupyter notebook --NotebookApp.allow_origin=’https://colab.research.google.com' --port=8888 --NotebookApp.port_retries=0

yeah issue resolved. But when i tried to import torch on Google Colab after connected to local run time, it is showing an error ‘No module named torch’. how to resolve that?

Please refer the following thread:
How to locally install the torch module