Unable to see the free deep learning course access form in FDS course

I have enrolled in this data science course before 2 months. At the start of the course, I had something like “form to access deep learning course” after week 8 in the lesson title list. Initially, I couldn’t view the form as it says “complete the prerequisite”. So I completed till week 8, but now the section holding the form is missing. How can I get/access the deep learning form?

Hi @vishal_ravi,
The form was available only for the COVID Break. Now FDS course has already started, hence DL course will no longer be made available.

I started the course late and hence completed week 8 late. Is it possible to give us access?

Same issue here, joined late . And now I got to complete DL course within 20 days (uptil now done with 35%)
Also FDS course has started.
@ishvinder any solution for this?
Or maybe just wish me luck so that I can successfully manage both. :smiley:

Sorry, but the access was given just to utilise the free time everyone had during the break, which many of us did. There’s no point of giving/extending access to the course now.

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For discussions related to extension, use: How to extend validity of CoViD19 free Deep Learning Access