Unable to set the video quality to a fixed resolution

I would like to bring this to the notice of the admins that there seems to be a minor issue with the manual setting of the video quality while watching them. For example, if I manually setup the video quality to be 224p or 360p due to some reasons like having a minimal data plan or the like, the video initially plays at the manually set quality but in no time, it automatically gets upgraded to 720p, or sometimes even to 1080p.

This occurs quite frequently and individuals like me, possessing a specific minimal data plan, often find themselves left with no data in a matter of hours. I know that this might not seem a great deal, but it would really be really considerate of you if anything substantial could be done in this regard(though I understand that it is quite problematic to resolve such an issue).

Thank you anyways, for your constant and instant support whenever required.

Hi @prassannanandjha1,
It seems to be an issue with our platform service provider. Thanks for bringing it to our notice, will share the feedback with them.

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