Unable to view videos of Data Science Course

Dear PadhAITeam,

I am unable to view my videos of the Data Science course. As I know from the previous posts we had time until May to complete the course and I have two weeks of course material pending to complete. Please look into the issue soon.

Thank you

looks site is down and not able render any videos in the site.

unfortunately no body replaying, are you able to access now?

same here. Looks like site has some issues. Quizes & Notebooks are accessible. However videos not playing.

Dear Padhai Team not able to view the videos kindly help .Also kindly let me know till when i have the access . Might need extension due to some personal reasons please help .

Nope, videos not playing.

Still issue exists……

Do they fix in this lock down time…?

Are we left with only these 2 weeks in F.D.S course?

hey i’m unable to view my data science videos.

Is the site down?

Hey guys, same problem here. I am also not able to access the video. What is the issue? Team Padhai please respond.

Same here… Kindly fix the issue

Not sure why padhai team not even communicating, still the issue exists

Ishvinder and Kaustubh

pls reply what happened when it will be available…!

Issue could be due to traffic. I was able to access the videos for a while later yesterday & today they are not playing again. Admin team: can you please share the sample traffic data to check if my hypothesis is correct ‘;)’ Hope the team is safe and healthy now and will soon resolve this issue.

All the quizzes, feedbacks and data sets can be accessed . But I can’t access any of the videos, I humbly request you to do the needful as the expiration of my course is around the corner. Padhaii please respond.

same here. I am also unable to view the videos.

padhaii please respond we need to finish our portions

Please respond, the videos are not still working

Same hear I am also not able to view videos

I am new member to PadhAI and the very first moment after signing up for the course I can see that the videos are not playing. I’m suddenly doubting myself for taking up this course. Please rectify the issue.