Urgent: not able to login using gmail account

I enrolled in “Foundations of DataScience” Course on 30th January, 2020. I signed up on the website using my google account and today (29th November, 2020) when I tried signing in using google, I am getting “Your are not authorized to sign in”.



I was using a firefox extension - ‘Facebook Container’, which prevents activation of facebook trackers. When I activated the extension, I forgot to add padhai course website as an exception. And this corrupted the login page as, there is also an option for facebook login. I added the website to exceptions later, but my session was already corrupted. Hence, I had to disable to the extension. Restart Firefox. And, then I was able to enable the extension without any problem, as the website was already included in the exception.

Hi @priyam145,

Did you try using the email address you used while registering?
If there’s some problem logging in with google can you login directly using your credentials?

Please try resetting the password with the email address used for registering. It should work.