Using numpy.nditer for iterating numpy arrays

I found an interesting way iterate through Numpy arrays. Code below:

import numpy as np
arr = np.random.rand(1000)
mean = np.mean(arr)
for x in np.nditer(arr, op_flags = ['readwrite']):
    x[...] = x - mean



Yes, nditer gives sophisticated options for iterations.
But for simple cases for the one you have shown in the example, it would be enough to iterate it naively using for.

Iā€™m not sure if using nditer would be advantageous than without it. Indeed both variants would be considered as a type of Iterator in python which would have been optimized the same way under the hood (in numpy C core)

Thank you very much for your remarks. I timed nditer and it certainly was much slower for this piece of code.
I merely tried nditer as another variance merely from a learning perspective.