Validity of DL course

What will be the validity of Deep Learning Course?
How Guvi is diffrent from PadhAI? I’ve full of confusion b/t Guvi and PadhAI.

Please refer FAQs DL Course

Thanks for your replay
But please clarify my doubt is can i enorll padhai 2019 course now for one year validity?

Yes, you can… please refer this.

Ok thankyou , but give one stright answer what is the validity of this course?
Please answer me i’m wait for answer.

1 year from the date of registration.

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Hi, someone who want to register asked this question to me - is the capstone project mandatory to complete in order to complete the deep learning course with certificate. please if you can let us know.

No, it’s not compulsory for this DL course.

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Thank you @Ishvinder