Video is not playing

Videos are not playing when I click on the play button of any particular module. Every time I try to watch the video, the following error message pops up
"Prerequisites have not yet been completed! Please complete all prerequisites in week 1. Introduction".
Though I have completed week 1 introduction module already, I still tried to complete the introduction. However, the week 1. Introduction course itself is not getting played.

Hi @Navaneeth,
Please check the tickmark on bullets shown in the left side content menu. Please complete those videos which don’t show a tick

Yes. Like I mentioned in my query, I had tried opening the week1 . introduction modules, which was not ticked. IT is not getting played.

Please find the screenshots for your reference.

Please complete this introduction video, and then you’ll be able to access next week content

I am unable to complete introduction video. It is not playing at all.

Please send your login credentials to

Thank you for your timely help. :slightly_smiling_face: