Videos not playing in any browser

I am not able to access video lessons. It’s not working properly in any browser.

Which browsers did you try on?
Can you please attach a screenshot?

here is the link of the screenshot and I am using Chrome browser and firefox

From your screenshot, we see that you might be using a VPN (Hola VPN)

If it’s switched on, please turn it off and try again.
These videos do not require any VPN to watch :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, but the videos are stuck on buffering. Internet speed is no issue as current active connection in 20 Mbps

We are not sure about the issue. Can you please refresh by Ctrl+F5 and try again?

Yes I have. I’ve tried on other browsers and other computers as well. Doesn’t seem to play. Could you please resolve this issue soon?

that not a problem, in mobile also the same problem is occurring.