Visualisation (distribution of histogram)

Sir can you please explain the importance of rugs in our graph… dint understand from the video lecture

Hi @shailjajain.cse,
Rugs are used in order to illuminate existing information from the data which might have been lost during plotting.
They’re used for 1D data plots.
Each rug(line) represents a data point.

Sir, I have a question that suppose if I have a list x=[1, 1,2,3 , 4] then when I take the bins=3 I get the below graph

But when I take bins=inter(3/0.5) I get this graph

Now sir in the former one it was showing double graph in 3-4 intervel but it should show one as 4 is not included please reply

Hi @shailjajain.cse,
Please consider this reference.
matplotlib hist()

Hope this helps!!