Volunteer Opportunity at AI4Bharat


AI4Bharat is a community driven open-source initiative, working to democratise AI solutions for India, and making these solutions available to common people to benefit from.

For a specific open source front-end project (details could be found in the attached form), we would like to collaborate with students communities to develop better user friendly solutions. If you are interested please fill out the form with required details (within EOD 17-10-2020).

Also check our other projects at https://github.com/AI4Bharat ;

feel free to contribute or, fork and build projects with these.


  1. Selected Students contributing to the project, on successful completion of project with satisfactory performance will be provided with Letter of recognition for their work.

  2. The engagement for this project is purely voluntary.
    Volunteers could be associated with one or more projects and duration might vary, both based on the progression made and convenience of contributors.

  3. All the contributions during the engagement period, shall be open-sourced under liberal license with appropriate credits to contributors.

  4. Contributors will NOT be entitled to any official designations(interns/employees/contractors) NOR any benefits and monetary incentives (salary/stipend).

  5. There are NO constraints on contributors to serve for any specific period or complete specific task, as mentioned the engagement is purely voluntary basis.

Form to be filled: https://forms.gle/pMXeodfmzwNjAPVJ9

Thanks and Cheers!

is there any min hour

Is there any minimum hourly commitment (per week) expected for making any useful contribution?

Hi @ishvinder , I missed this post somehow , I am very interesed in this, can I please fill my details or its too late.

Will let you know about this.

Hi, even I missed this opportunity and would like to be a part of it

You can fill it by this week.

Hi @Ishvinder,

I wanted to contribute to this. But the form seems not to be available

Hi, You can apply directly at AI4Bharat.org we’ll let you know if there’s any opportunities.