Website ERROR: Missing translation: course_player_quiz undefined

I’ve encountered a problem. I’ve completed Week 1’s compulsory quiz twice now but I cannot progress to week 2. It tells me that I haven’t completed the quiz and I need to take it. Any help would be appreciated. This is what I see when I goto the quiz. This occurs on both Chromium and FireFox.

Hi. Your Week-1 quiz completion have been updated on the backend. It could’ve occured because of server traffic. Please check if you can access further lessons now.

Normally these kinds of problems will be rectified automatically within few hrs. If you’re still face this, try clearing the browser cache.

Hi Prem,

It still says that I cannot continue to week two, because “I haven’t complete the pre-requisites”. I have definitely completed it. Please let me know when this is fixed. I’d like to complete this week asap.


Ok, it seems like a switch to Chromium browser has fixed the issue.