Website not working properly

Website is working very slow. It takes a lot of time to open. And after opening, videos are not playing.No buttons to play and if we reopen the site again, it is showing the same. It is showing like this:

Hi @hardikatri2, is the problem persistent throughout?
Sometimes, the video player takes time to load due to some connectivity issues too.

Now its going fine. But from last few days it is taking very long time

Sir Iam facing the same problem again. It was only one day when site is working good. After that same problem. It takes too much time to open up and when it gets open, Video will not play.
I checked my internet connection, it is fine. I opened various other sites, played videos on youtube. Videos are playing without any buffering.
Only padhai website is taking so much time to open up. Sometime it works fine, but at many times its taking too much time.

Hi @hardikatri2,
Can you try using a VPN?

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