Website portal is not opening

website portal is not opening from 9august
please tell me what to do

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Same issue… the Data Sciece web portal is not opening for me too.

Hi @thenmozhiarunan, @devendrasingh71022,
Can you guys please share any screenshot or some message which pops on your screen when you try to open the page?


It is working now… I did not complete a previous chapter that is marked as pre-requiste. I have completed that now and I’m now able to move to next lessons. I do not have the issue now. Thanks.

i also did what you have done that is i also not complete previous unit and jump to next unit
please tell me how you watch previous chapter video

# This site can’t be reached

The connection was reset.


* Checking the connection
* [Checking the proxy and the firewall](chrome-error://chromewebdata/#buttons)
* [Running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors())


this is the message pops on screen when i try to open the page
and the site i use to open is

As it says your firewall or any anti-virus might be blocking the website from opening. Please try after disabling your firewall or antivirus for a while.