Week 11 seabron violinplot error

sns.violinplot(x='island', y='flipper_length_mm', data=p[p.sex=='MALE']);

This line of code was used in Week 11 for data visualization. (data p being penguins dataset) and the output was shown in video. However now when I tried the same code, I get an error saying

ValueError: min() arg is an empty sequence

Kindly help me with how to rectify this. Thanks!

Hi @theerthasenan,
According to the error, it comes when we pass an empty list of values to calculate min().
It’s difficult to make a judgment based on this abstract information, but can you still check if all the columns are not empty?
Please do share a screenshot after expanding the frames in the error. Or the notebook link if possible.

I am sorry, I had figured out the error, yes the column name was a bit different and I had failed to notice it. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you!