Week 12 Quiz Question Clarification

The question goes like this:

I think the explanation given doesn’t match with the option provided. The option clearly states that the comparison has to be made with respect to mileage and not an overall comparison of vehicles. The explanation says that “American vehicles are heavier and therefore we cannot say that European & Japanese vehicles are good”, but the option states that “in terms of mileage”

Please clarify this.

Hi Kaustubh,
As shown in the plot, there are many cases where US vehicles have a higher mileage as compared to Japanese and European. Hence we cannot state option 2 to be correct.

No, The bigger markers are towards the bottom right side where mileage is low. Also, if we take the threshold of good mileage as 25, there are more Japanese vehicles and if we take it 30, then there are fewer American vehicles

But the bigger markers depict the 3rd dimension as weight.
As there are plenty of American vehicles better than some in others, we cannot state Option B to be true, as we have alteast some exceptions.
One the other hand, if you look at weight (heavy dots), it clearly shows that American vehicles are the only ones which are heavy. We can say Option C has a significantly better point than B.