Week 14 Quiz Doubt ( Error ? )

In the question regarding the Beakers and mixtures to be made, Isnt it a combination(collection) problem rather than
Permutation(Sequence) problem as mentioned in the answer/Explanation of the problem. The drops are meant to be only collected rather than placed in a sequence. Am i missing something ?



Yes, you’re right.
It is a collection problem, will mark the changes soon. Thanks for pointing :slight_smile:


I also got stuck at the same problem and apparently it didn’t get updated as of Today. I’m glad I found this issue already being asked here, I was going crazy if I was the only one thinking its Combination

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Hi @keshav0801,
Isn’t the quiz updated with the correct answer?
Aren’t you able to see the correct solution in the solved quiz?

No, still the options in both Graded and Non-Graded quiz are wrong, And the solution still gives answer through Permutation and Combination

I think there was some sort of confusion in question clarity. considering this, the question has now been replaced with another question. Please retake the quiz.

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