Week 19-Implications of CLT

  1. Independent of PDF of population, PDF of sample mean is normal-Could you please elaborate
  2. I have completed the Implications of Central Limit Theorem Video, still there is no tick mark besides it. Requesting you to please help me on the same.

please ignore the 2nd point

It says that, even if we have a distribution of any shape, If we repeatedly calculate a sample mean from that distribution, it will follow the same pattern, i.e a normal distribution.
Lets say we calculate sample mean for n times, then if we draw out a distribution out of those n values of sample means’, it will look like a normally distributed curve.
I hope that helped, but you may refer this if it didn’t.

Hi Ishvinder,

In implications of CLT video, professor plotted the distribution of sum of 10 die throws assuming it as normal distribution. My question here is the sample size n = 10 is small. So isn’t it wrong to assume the distribution as normal because CLT holds true as n tends to infinity.

Hi Sagar,
I guess 10 is sufficient.
Yes i agree when n tends to infinity, the distribution tends to look like normal, but there’s this computation tradeoff that we consider.
Taking n= 10 to 20 is what i feel sufficient as the distribution starts looking like normal only.