Week 3,5,8 Mandatory course on Python

I understand that the course is delivered in Python and hence marked as Mandatory pre-requisite to move ahead. However, I am working in R so would like to skip Python Part for now to be able to proceed with the Statistics content. Is that something doable ? Any pointers on how I can proceed without Python and Numpy ?

Hi Manjiri,

Since we teach this course using python, we will also be using it to test students’ performance. At this stage, this is limited to small quizzes and assignments, but will progress to be more intensive testing, in the form of independent analyses and case studies.

We also do not have the ability to allow student to skip modules. I suggest that you try learning python to keep up with the course. It will likely be easy for you to pick up since you already have experience working with R :slightly_smiling_face:.

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