Week 4: Descriptive Statistics: Ordinal vs Discrete

Under this topic, it was explained well that why a ratings attribute is ordinal and not discrete. I understood what was explained.

When the ratings are given as V. Poor, Poor, Ok, etc. it is easy to interpret them as ordinal. But when ratings or similar attributes are just defined by numbers, how can we assume that distance between the two values are not the same.

For example, considering rating of a shirt or a product on an e-commerce site, they mention the ratings in terms of one star, two stars, etc. and then they also give an average rating for the product. In this context, since they are giving average, it does mean that the difference between one star and two stars are same as difference between two stars and three stars. How can we here conclude that it will be ordinal and not discrete?

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It depends upon the evaluation criterion, you must take a look at this interesting article to know about this in depth.

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I had the same doubt regarding the online ratings of Product and its mean. Anyway, that article link provided by you seems pretty satisfactory, thanks