Week 5 initial videos are missing

Week5 videos directly start with Commenting and Error handling.
When I view the first video, Prof. Pratyush is referring to earlier videos where fibaonacci series was coded.
Also, there is solution video for exercises on Lists. But I can’t see the video where exercise was given.
Please see attached picture.

Could you please check if there is some issue or only I am facing the problem?

Kind regards,

There is no issue here. The first video of Week 5 is Commenting and Error handling.

Ok, I wonder in which video, Fibonacci series was explained before this video…
Also, where is the exercise on lists?

You will find the exercise in the videos provided.

Thank you @Prem, @Mohit
Also, it is my incorrect observation. I found the fibonacci explanation in week 3 - Functions chapter.

My apologies for creating this confusion.

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