Week 6- Measure of centrality in differnet distribution

Is this distribution bimodal ?
Since it has only one block with highest frequency i.e -0.5 shouldn’t it be unimodal?

Yes the left one is higher, but it’s not necessary to have peaks of same height.

So is mode like local Maxima of a function?

Hi @Ishvinder
How? The heights of the bar should be the same for multi modes, right?
The heights are not of relevance when we have bib size greater than 1, but here the bin size seems to be one. So the heights should be same.

After watching the presentation, even I felt the same as @Akash

Am I missing something?

You’re right, but here we’re talking about almost bimodal data. Our main task is to given the histogram, name it to one of the closest ones.
If you search google images for bimodal distribution, you’ll get plots having equal peaks as well as unequal ones.

Sir, in this video the professor told that median in the right skewed distribution is less than mean but we have more no. Of elements toward the left then it should be greater please help…

Can you give a sample plot where this is the case?
Note that you must be mis interpreting the graph, as it is a histogram, where the height of a bar indicates the number of elements in that interval.