Week 7: Probability Class Not started

Dear Admin,
Week 7 is open. I could see only Case Study 1 and blank screen. No action can be taken except marking it complete and continue.

Please let me know what is learning method for this week. It is marked as Text for all the three chapters for this week.

1 Basics of probability
2 Counting principles
3 Random Variables, Expected value, and Variance

What it means. We did not got any guidance or update from you on this. Please update ASAP.

in case you need my login id: saravananshanmughams@gmail.com
Thanks & Regards
Saravanan Shanmugham

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Yeah, experiencing the same error

Same here. Can’t access it.

Can’t access week 7 content. Is it uploaded yet.

Sorry, we are facing some difficulties in uploading the content for this week. We will be uploading it by EOD today.


Thanks Mitesh for the update

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