week21-Revere Look Up Z-score - class - Examples of Estimation

Hi Padhai Team,

Can somebody tell us what is revere look up of Z score here, How Professor got the value 1.65.

For Zalpah/2 = 1.65 for sigma = 0.1

Also he pointed here in another class:

1.28 look up: 0.1,

as per belpw table calculations:

0.89973. How Professor says it is 0.1??? Any body has idea

ok looks it - look up, is it rounded off?

-1.28----→ 0.10027 .

Can i assume?

Any body has clues, pls let us know

Finally going through old videos:

for alp = 0.2 ----→ Zalp = alp/2

Zalp/2 = 0.2/2 = 0.1, so as per table look up either +Z o -Z sides both are same,

value equal to:1.28 or -1.28

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